Not a subject I like to think about because I'm only 19, but what if a day comes that I become a "responsible" adult, get a boring as hell job, raising (two?) children, and I can't enjoy the sweet embrace of video games! Seriously, that is a day I don't want to see. My entire childhood was connected to my Sega Genesis, and my high school life was to my 360, I don't want the remainder of my adult life without digital stimulation, I REFUSE TO BECOME AN OLD BAG LIKE MY MOTHER!

You know those moments when you want to create something new, but you have no idea what to make, or where to start. It can be a drawing, a movie, anything, but you just don't know. I'm not the only one with this problem, we all do, from the veterans to the noobs, the greats and the lessers, ect. What are your thoughts? You can always get ideas from those around you.

Where is EVERYTHING!? It's like I'm back in Oklahoma, where the streets are named after presidents. I Sucked at History.

Everything in the subject line.